donderdag 31 maart 2011

Finally some more pages...

Ugh, I'm totally neglecting my lil' bloggie (again) :s Here's some pages I finished in the past week(s).

Credits: Three Ring Circus by Danielle Young, Jumper 47 by Crystal Livesay (retired)

Credits: Howdy Pardner by Traci Reed, Bad Sewing Machine XVIII: Kinda Kleen by Traci Reed, Snow Day Templates by Queen of Hearts

Credits: Celebrate Bundle by Nikki Epperson, Jolly Holly Days - Templates by Nikki Epperson

Credits: Bug Out by Traci Reed and Dani Mogstad, Bad Sewing Machine XVIII: Kinda Kleen, Bad Sewing Machine: Prismatic, Girltalk Template Challenge Template by Ingrid, Alpha from Laughter by Lori Barnhurst (retired), Stick*It Dates by Darcy Baldwin

Credits: Lucy Lynn by Traci Reed, Bad Sewing Machine: Basically Black and White by Traci Reed, The Dog Ate My Alpha by Traci Reed, Cindy's Layered Templates - Set #78 by Cindy Schneider

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Beautiful to Me

Credits: Lucy Lynn by Traci Reed

Lifting Giseli Freitas' My Daddy and Me

Journaling: A lot of people don't like rats. I've been called crazy several times for keeping them as pets. And some people would probably call me crazy for scrapping them. But I decided not to care, cause these lil' animals have been a blessing and are...